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Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports: Transcripts allegedly tie Bush to sports agency

Transcripts of parole violation hearings for New Era Sports & Entertainment associate Lloyd Lake not only detail alleged links between the marketing agency and USC running back Reggie Bush but also indicate contact with Trojan offensive tackle Winston Justice during the 2005 college football season. In the transcripts – acquired by Yahoo! Sports from the U.S. District Court in San Diego – Lake’s attorney, Marc Carlos, contends that his client’s sports agency was “in negotiations with recruiting Reggie Bush” and that the agency at some point considered “potential litigation – or a settlement involving Mr. Bush’s involvement with that agency.” San Diego based agent David Caravantes, testifying as a character witness, claimed that he and Lake began working together in October to start a sports marketing firm that would be tied to the Sycuan Indian Tribe. That firm eventually took on the name New Era Sports & Entertainment. One of the tie-ins to the tribe was Michael Michaels, another one of the New Era founders who also works as a business officer for the Sycuans. The Sycuan Tribe, acknowledging it was approached by Michaels and Lake, told the Associated Press Tuesday that it had no role with New Era Sports.

p-Transcripts allegedly tie Bush to sports agency

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