Jury Trial Success

After one and half years of trial prep (300,000 plus pages of discovery) and a four week jury trial, the jury in my case came back deadlocked on all twenty- four counts charged against my client.  The client was charged in  complicated real estate and securities fraud involving land sales and investment funds securities in another state.  Prior to trial, forty charges were dismissed when a motion was granted to dismiss on statute of limitations violations.  The deadlock is a win on many levels.  A majority of the counts favored acquittal and the other counts had a healthy dose of jurors voting for acquittal.  The net result is that the court can now consider a motion to dismiss and the prosecution has to seriously reconsider the strength of their case and the odds of success in deciding whether or not to try this complex and lengthy case again.  Sometimes success in criminal trials take the slow road to vindication.

About Marc X. Carlos

Marc Carlos is a partner and co-founder of Bardsley and Carlos LLP. Mr. Carlos has been practicing criminal law since 1987. He has been a member of both the Los Angeles and the San Diego County Public Defender's office where he was a senior trial deputy focusing primarily on serious felony trials. Mr. Carlos has tried over 140 jury trials and represented thousands of clients in criminal matters. He has tried a variety of complex criminal matters ranging from fraud to murder, including death penalty cases.

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