KALB Alexandria, La. – You’ve got the wrong guy.

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) – You have the wrong guy. That’s what a California attorney is saying after his client was arrested. His client is the man Louisiana lawmen say is Frank Selas, better known as Mr. Wonder, a one-time kiddie show host on Monroe television.

Defense Attorney Marc Carlos claims that the Frank Selas he is representing is the *wrong* Frank Selas wanted for nearly 40 years on child sex abuse charges in Rapides Parish.

This is a shock to everybody that these allegations have even been made. The family does not believe that their father, husband, relative can be involved in something like this,

says Marc Carlos, Selas’ attorney.


About Marc X. Carlos

Marc Carlos is a partner and co-founder of Bardsley and Carlos LLP. Mr. Carlos has been practicing criminal law since 1987. He has been a member of both the Los Angeles and the San Diego County Public Defender's office where he was a senior trial deputy focusing primarily on serious felony trials. Mr. Carlos has tried over 140 jury trials and represented thousands of clients in criminal matters. He has tried a variety of complex criminal matters ranging from fraud to murder, including death penalty cases.

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